Lessons in prayer from the west wing

West Wing

Intro from Steves blog

Tomorrow morning (11am) in Fitzroy I will do what I have been threatening for many years. I am going to preach on the television series West Wing's two part episode Two Cathedrals. It is a remarkable piece of television drama where the President, Jed Bartlett, closes a Cathedral to have a rage at God about all kinds of injustices that he feels God has been sending towards him. On the other end of this encounter with God a storm creeps up the East Coast of America and Bartlett's senses something extra-ordinary in such an event at such a time and he finally hears God speak.

As we learn How To Pray during Lent with the help of Pete Greig's book of that name, I thought it would be a good opportunity to self indulge with this favourite spiritual television moment. It will be rooted in Psalm 13 in which we hear David having a Jed Bartlett episode. 

You can find the sermon here 

And the videos which were shown during it