Light From Rock Music

Steve Stockman has been finding light in the songs of rock musicians for forty years. We are starting a series that it is hoped will continue into the autumn but begins with a mini-series of three.

Bob Dylan

rock-music-bob-dylanIn his commentary on Dylan, Steve will be looking at those "Gospel years" when there is plenty of light in creed and spiritual formation. He will also, however, be looking at his short folk Civil Rights years and wondering if he was more biblically prophetic then than in his very clear Christian records. He will look at the 40 years since his Christian phase and ask if there is still light to be found, right up until his brand new number 1 record Rough and Rowdy Ways.

Guest singer is Chris Taylor. Chris is from San Antonio, Texas and came to fame in the Contemporary Christian Music world as lead singer of Love Coma before a catalogue of solo records that reveal the artist within, in his eclectic and creative range.

Light From Rock Music Vol 2: Bob Dylan - Pressing On will be available here from 7pm on Sunday July 5th

Van Morrison

rock-music-van-morrisonSteve asks what light we can gain from Van Morrison's sense of wonder and fiery visions bright and is accompanied by Brian Houston who has imaginatively revisited three Morrison songs.

Give Me My Rapture - Steve's playlist of 20 of Van Morrison's most spiritual songs

Songs From Home - Steve's playlist of 20 of Van Morrison's songs about Belfast and Ireland