Sunday Services

Morning Service



11 AM: Morning service is at the heart of Fitzroy. This is the family gathering, where we give God our worship and find God energising us for all the programmes and events that pulse out from this strong centre. We have a number of bands and a varied diet of worship. We also wrestle weekly with the Scriptures to discern God’s way forward for us as His body in Belfast city centre. Holy Communion is held on the first Sunday of the month.



Evening Service

7 PM: Evening Fitzroy varies in style and content. If you drop in at random you might find yourself in the middle of a multimedia service led by our youth band, a evening of contemplation, worship led by our ‘Head and Heart Collective’ experimenting with a blend of old and new worship, a more academic look at faith and contemporary issues or one in our series of ’ The Gospel according to….. some music artist , film or novel.

First Sunday – ARTiculate. The new generation are being more artistic and creative in the way they run worship. They are more subjective and use the senses particularly sound and vision more. So, Chris Hunter and Steve and I are attempting to experiment with this kind of worship.

Second Sunday – Soul Space. This is where Roz Stirling and Janet Morris attempt to bring another strand of worship into our wide palette. In a loud world and a word packed Church we need space to listen...

Third Sunday - Head and Heart/Gospel According To… This is two pronged though with the same people. In the Head and Heart we are looking at ways to bring theological depth to modern styles of worship and build creative services around that engage with contemporary artists like U2, Van Morrison, leonard Cohen and this year Christy Moore and Bob Dylan. How does their music caress and collide with a Christian worldview.

Fourth Sunday – Faith on Trial – Os Guinness once said “Most Christians would die rather than think, in fact most do” This is Fitzroy’s intellectual thinking evening and takes up the mantle where Faith Academy left off some years ago. Another good programme, using our own gifted thinkers as well as inviting guests in, is planned to provoke and make us use our minds.

Crazy Fifths – When the month has a fifth Sunday we go crazy and can drop in events or prayer or whatever.




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19th November

Morning Worship

with Neville Cobbe

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19th November
Luminous Dark
Alain Emerson

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