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Minister and Elders



Rev Steve Stockman
Desi Alexander
Jim Beers
Sloan Bell
Chris Blake
Denis Boyd
Derek Boyd
Heather Carey
Ronnie Davidson
Patricia Drummond (Clerk of Kirk Session)
Michael Fitch
June Pat Gamble
Elma Greer
Philip Mateer
Stanley McDowell
Philip McElroy
Stephen McIlwaine
Anne McMurray
David McNeill
Alex McPherson
George Mullan
Albert Patterson
Renee Pelan
Roz Stirling
Brent van der Linde

Elders Emeritus:

Denis Gough
Harold McCollum
Norman McConnell
Leslie Watson

Rev Steve Stockman  Minister: Rev Steve Stockman (commenced 13 November 2009)


  Minister Emeritus: V Rev Dr Ken Newell (retired 21 September 2008)



Patricia Drummond    Clerk of Session: Ms Patricia Drummond



    ::: This Sunday at 11am :::


19th November

Morning Worship

with Neville Cobbe

    ::: This Sunday at 7pm :::


19th November
Luminous Dark
Alain Emerson

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