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In our Christian worship, the preaching of the Word of God is central, in a setting of prayer and praise.



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2019 07 14 am: Confessions of an ex-blind man (download)
As Paul take us through John 9, he reminds us that we all love stories and are born story tellers
Paul Bowman, 14/07/2019
20190609 am: Against the Odds (download)
On Pentecost Sunday Steve recounts tales of those how, with the Spirit's help, have succeeded against the odds, and asks how we need to live and speak so that people know what the love of God means
Rev Steve Stockman, 09/06/2019
2019 05 26 am: Stand by me (download)
Steve continues with the Lectionary in Jesus farewell discourses with his disciples in John. Jesus speaks a lot abut the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete. Who is that and what does the Paraclete do? How much is the continued wrk down to the Spirit and how much is it down to the disciples.
Rev Steve Stockman, 01/06/2019
20190519 am: A New Commandment (download)
Steve looks at John 13, and asks "What's new about the new commandment?"
Rev Steve Stockman, 19/05/2019
2019 05 12 am: Being Known and Making Known (download)
With John 10:22-30 as his text, Steve presses home the truth of our acceptance by a God who knows us fully, and loves us nonetheless.
Rev Steve Stockman, 12/05/2019
2019 05 05 am: Resurrection.mp3 (download)
Steve talks us through personal message to individuals and a general message to all of us from the last chapter of John 21. Vocation and discipleship. Jesus heals Peter into the former and invites him again into the latter with those crucial Gospel words... "Follow me". What does that like. It will be a costly challenge suggests Jesus and not as easy as saying a wee prayer after an evangelistic rally or believing a few creeds. It is about a King and a Kingdom and very upside down one at that!
Rev Steve Stockman, 13/05/2019
2019 04 28 am: The New LIfe Starts Here (download)
Steve talks about walking the road of Christ's life, in order to know how to live life in all its fulness.
Rev Steve Stockman, 28/04/2019
2019 04 21 am: Mary's, Thomas's and our own resurrection moments (download)
Steve walks us through what what resurrection meant to those who were there and then helped us look at our own resurrection moments
Rev Steve Stockman, 21/04/2019
2019 04 07 am: I hope we all have a Clara... (download)
Stev helps us understand the power of love. Whatever we go through in life, whether our own healing or vocational fulfilment or the transformation of our given social space, love is the energising force for redemption, restoration, reconciliation, wholeness and salvation
Rev Steve Stockman, 07/04/2019
2019 03 31 am: Home (download)
Steve looks at the parable of the lost son from Luke's Gospel
Rev Steve Stockman, 31/03/2019

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