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In our Christian worship, the preaching of the Word of God is central, in a setting of prayer and praise.



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2018 05 27 am - Kindness is the new rock 'n roll (download)
Steve asks the question about where God's action towards humans comes from and unpacks how this impacts us.
Rev Steve Stockman, 27/05/2018
2018 05 20 am - Reconciliation (download)
On Pentecost Sunday, Steve chats to Christophe Mboyingabo and Diane Holt on the topic of reconciliation
Christophe Mbonyingabo, 20/05/2018
2018 05 13 am: Cosmic Jesus (download)
Steve reflects on the Ascension of Jesus in Luke 24, with the help of a poem by Malcolm Guite.
Rev Steve Stockman, 13/05/2018
2018 05 06 am: Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way (download)
Steve looks at Jesus' final teaching to His disciples in John 15, and asks how the fruit of abiding in Him works its way out from the disciples to the world through love.
Rev Steve Stockman, 06/05/2018
2018 04 29 am - Abiding (download)
Steve asks us the question, are children influenced by the specific words and moments of their parents or just by imbibing everything over years and years? How does being around Jesus shape you?
Rev Steve Stockman, 29/04/2018
2018 04 22 am: John 10:11 (download)
On Good Shepherd Sunday, Steve looks at how we might have the 'life in all its fullness' of which Jesus spoke in John 10:10
Rev Steve Stockman, 22/04/2018
2018 04 15 am: You are witnesses… (download)
After reading Jesus' commission to His disciples in Luke 24, Steve asks why we find it difficult to be witnesses in 2018, and suggests how we might approach the task.
Rev Steve Stockman, 15/04/2018
2018 04 18 am: From Doubt to Devotion (download)
Neville looks at the spiritual journey Thomas makes after Jesus' resurrection, and asks what we can learn from him.
Neville Cobbe, 08/04/2018
2018 03 25 am: Improve Your Serve! (download)
Pual looks at Jesus' servant attitude in John's Gospel, and encourages us to act with humility, not out to impress, but to impact. Czech mime artist Tomsa enacts the parable of the Good Samaritan in the middle.
Paul Bowman, 25/03/2018
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