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Presbyterian Women (PW)

PW is the official women's organisation of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.  


Our motto is 'Living for Jesus'


The organisation aims to highlight the need for :

* love and unity
* obedience to God

* Christian living and spiritual maturity

* service, using gifts, time and money

* local and global mission


The Fitzroy branch meets on the third Tuesday of each month (October - March) in Fitzroy Presbyterian Church at 7.30pm.

The theme for 2016-2017 is 'This is the Day'.

Honorary President : Janice Stockman

Committee Members : Maureen Carswell, Jennifer Henderson, Jane Matthews, Helen Miller


    ::: This Sunday at 11am :::


19th November

Morning Worship

with Neville Cobbe

    ::: This Sunday at 7pm :::


19th November
Luminous Dark
Alain Emerson

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