4 Corners Festival 2021


Sunday 31st January - Sunday 7th February 2021


The 4 Corners Festival seeks to inspire people from across the city to transform it for the peace and prosperity of all. It consists of innovative events designed to entice people out of their own ‘corners’ of the city and into new places where they will encounter new perspectives, new ideas, and new friends.

We celebrate our city through music, prayer, storytelling, discussion, and more.

The theme of this year’s festival is ‘Breathe’.

The Hebrew word Ruach means ‘breath’ or ‘spirit’ – the source of life.

In our 2021 Festival, we seek to tap into that spirit and breathe hope into our city, fostering creativity and resilience as we respond to the challenges of the pandemic.

So take a deep breath and join us in our explorations of mental health, prayer and embodied breath, racism, abuse, creation care, and more. Help us breathe out hope in troubling times.

Full details on the 4 Corners website http://4cornersfestival.com