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Sunday morning service

The video below will show the latest service each Sunday shortly before 11.00am. Please consider waiting until 11.00am before starting to watch it, so that we can participate in a corporate act despite our disparate locations.

If you are unable to load the most recent service on this page, or if you have missed any of our previous services, visit our YouTube channel.

Just as in our services in church, we have a special talk for our young children. You will need to be logged into the website to watch the kids' talk here

We have also some Sunday kids group material for you. You will need to be logged into the website to access the material.

Oh and don't miss out on our kids songs with actions to keep us all active.  You'll need to be logged into the site to watch.

Sunday evening teaching

paulinten1Our own Dr Gary Burnett is running a teaching course on St. Paul. Called 'Paul In Ten', each ten minute talk looks at what Paul had to say to the first Christians, and what this means to us today, to offer encouragement and inspiration, as we all try to cope in the current moment. Each new episode will come online on Sunday evening at 7.00pm. You can view his course here