Climate Justice



  Wee Changes, Cracker Impact
Watch a short video where some Fitz'ers share the changes they have made to live more sustainably.

Climate Action

  Message your MP...
To call on Government to work in the first 100 days after COP26 to end the era of fossils fuel, to respond to the demands of low-income countries, to use its COP26 presidential mandate to ensure that other governments follow through on their COP26 commitments. (Oxfam)

Education and Resources

Possible Logo WebsiteLogo   Possible (formerly 10:10 Climate Action)
Their website provides resources across five key areas: Energy; Eat & Buy; Nature; Travel; Talking & Empowerment. (
ECI-logo   Eco-Congregation Ireland
Eco-Congregation Ireland (ECI) encourages churches of all denominations to take an eco approach to worship, lifestyle, property and finance management, community outreach and contact with the developing world. (
FotE   Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland is currently the least protected environment in the UK and Ireland. Friends of the Earth is a grassroots environmental organisation campaigning on local issues such as government legislation, planning and extraction industries. (
  Rights of Nature
This video produced by the Environmental Justice Network Ireland explores the concept of rights of nature. (
  Loss and Damage
Imagine your house disappearing underwater due to rising sea levels; or being forced to flee your home due to an extended drought. You have no money to repair your home - no means to support your family - what do you do? Loss and damage refers to the negative impacts of climate change such as these, that go beyond our ability to mitigate or adapt. A video from
  Green Christian
Green Christian is a community of ordinary Christians from all backgrounds and traditions who work to care for Creation through prayer, living simply, public witness, campaigning and mutual encouragement. (
  A Rocha
A Rocha is a Christian nature conservation organization founded in 1983. A Rocha projects are frequently cross-cultural in character, and share a community emphasis, with a focus on science and research, practical conservation and environmental education. (
The Fitzroy Climate Group put together this collection of photos taken during the coronavirus pandemic.  The music is the Lost Words Blessing