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In our Christian worship, the preaching of the Word of God is central, in a setting of prayer and praise.

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2020 04 05 Morning Service (download)
Palm Sunday service, with music by the Black family
Rev Steve Stockman, 05/04/2020
2020 03 29 Morning Service (download)
Steve is recorded in his garden, hence the wind noise. Music by the Andrews family
Rev Steve Stockman, 29/03/2020
2020 03 22 Morning Service (download)
First morning service recorded under COVID-19 restrictions
Rev Steve Stockman, 22/03/2020
2020 03 15 am: Pandemic.mp3 (download)
In Steves own words, "This is a time for grace and imagination. As well as a crisis it is an opportunity to follow Jesus in loving our neighbour. Members of our Fitzroy community will need words of encouragement and practical help. There will also be demand for volunteers across our neighbourhoods. Let us be on the front foot and ready to respond to the needs of family, neighbours and even strangers."
Rev Steve Stockman, 15/03/2020
2020 03 08 am: The God who sees me.mp3 (download)
We take closer look at the story of Hagar in Genesis 16.
Rev Lesley-Ann Wilson, 08/03/2020
2020 03 01 am: Teach us to pray.mp3 (download)
In Steves own words "I will be looking at making a space to pray, finding a place to pray and maybe even how God's common grace causes every single person to pray... Sam Smith agrees... and David Grohl does it too... "
Rev Steve Stockman, 01/03/2020
2020 02 23 am - Lessons in prayer from the west wing TV show (download)
In Steves own words "In Fitzroy I am going to do what I have been threatening for many years. I am going to preach on the television series West Wing's two part episode Two Cathedrals. It is a remarkable piece of television drama where the President, Jed Bartlett, closes a Cathedral to have a rage at God about all kinds of injustices that he feels God has been sending towards him. On the other end of this encounter with God a storm creeps up the East Coast of America and Bartlett's senses something extra-or
Rev Steve Stockman, 23/02/2020
2020 02 16 am: Gazing Across Our Internal Landscapes (download)
Steve talks legalism, choice, fulfilment, and inner transformation in Deutoronomy and Matthew
Rev Steve Stockman, 16/02/2020
2020 02 09 am: Particles of Light (download)
Steve asks 'should we blame the darkness, or the light for not shining?', and looks to see how Isaiah and Jesus encourage us to spend ourselves on behalf of the other
Rev Steve Stockman, 09/02/2020
2020 02 02 am: .... To walk humbly with your God.mp3 (download)
In Steves own words "we will reflect on Brexit and God will advise us on how to respond from Micah 6. No better text. I might wear it all over my shirt and be sure Friday night's interview with Gary Lightbody will get a mention."
Rev Steve Stockman, 02/02/2020

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