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In our Christian worship, the preaching of the Word of God is central, in a setting of prayer and praise.

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2020 05 31 Morning Worship (download)
On Pentecost Sunday, Rev Steve Stockman preaches and prays, Jonny Fitch provides the music and Melanie Gregg reads for us.
Rev Steve Stockman, 31/05/2020
2020 05 24 Morning service (download)
Morning worship led by Rev Steve Stockman, Music By Stephanie Hall, Erin Humphrey, The Blessing - Performers June Andrews, Laurence Andrews, Eleanor Black, Talitha Bowman, Laura Campbell, Michael Dolaghan, John Eaton, Ryan Flavelle, Richard Guthrie, Ali McKeown, Alison McNeill, Sarah McNeill, Claire Nicholl, Caroline Orr, Julie Piggott, George Sproule, John Trinder Prayers Sarah Hall, Geraldine Mateer, Reading Sheila McNeill, David McNeill Production Team Alison Coote, Peter Greer, Colin Gooodman
Rev Steve Stockman, 24/05/2020
2020 05 17 Morning service (download)
Morning worship led by Rev Steve Stockman, with music from Eleanor, Karen & Gareth Black and Erin Thompson, a reading from Johns Gospel by Theo Fitch, prayers by Karen Smyth, and a video about FoodBank with Brenda Johnston
Rev Steve Stockman, 17/05/2020
2020 05 10 Morning service (download)
Morning worship led by Steve Stockman, with music from Paul & Talitha Bowman, Chris & Joanna Blake and Eleanor & Gareth Black. Readings from Michael Dologhan and Anna McIlroy, prayers by Michael Fitch, and a video about HomePlus+ with Sean O'Brien-Smith
Rev Steve Stockman, 10/05/2020
2020 05 03 Morning service (download)
Minister Rev Steve Stockman. Music By: Sarah McNeill, Alison McNeill, Paul Bowman, Talitha Bowman, David Livingstone, Frances Livingstone, Richard Guthrie. Rescue Me Written By Lauren Daigle. Prayers: Paul Bowman Reading: Erin Bowman
Rev Steve Stockman, 03/05/2020
2020 04 26 Morning service.mp3 (download)
Morning worship led by Rev Steve Stockman, with music from the Thompson family, a reading by Kyle Auterson and prayers by Elma Greer
Rev Steve Stockman, 26/04/2020
2020 04 19 Morning service.mp3 (download)
Morning worship led by Steve Stockman, with music from David and Frances Livingstone with Richard Guthrie, Stephanie Hall and Danny & Shannon Moore, and a reading by Paul Lutton
Rev Steve Stockman, 19/04/2020
2020 04 12 Easter service.mp3 (download)
Easter Sunday morning service from Fitzroy, with music from Emma Horan, the Virtual Sounds Good Orchestra, Jonny Fitch (and the Fitchettes!) and Stephanie Hall, reading by Philip Mateer and prayers by Adam Matchett and Rev Steve Stockman, who also leads the worship.
Rev Steve Stockman, 12/04/2020
2020 04 05 Morning Service (download)
Palm Sunday service, with music by the Black family
Rev Steve Stockman, 05/04/2020
2020 03 29 Morning Service (download)
Steve is recorded in his garden, hence the wind noise. Music by the Andrews family
Rev Steve Stockman, 29/03/2020

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