Minister - Rev Steve Stockman

Steve Stockman

Steve is author of the book Walk On: The Spiritual Journey Of U2.  In his blog SOUL SURMISE he talks about where his faith and culture meet.

Senior Minister - V Rev Dr Ken Newell 

Ken Newell

Ken is a former moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and retired from Fitzroy on 21st September 2008.  He is author of the book Captured by a Vision.                      



Clerk of Session
Michael Fitch
Deputy Clerk of Session
Stephen McIlwaine
Flo Adair
Desi Alexander
Chris Blake
Patricia Blake
Paul Bowman
Derek Boyd 
Heather Carey
Trish Eaton
Michael Fitch (Clerk) 
June Pat Gamble
Elma Greer
David Hall
Paul Lutton
Stephen McIlwaine (Deputy Clerk)
Normal McKinley
Anne McMurray
David McNeill
Philip Mateer    
George Mullan
Sara Patterson
Ivor Spence
Roz Stirling
Rev Steve Stockman (Minister)
Dave Thompson
Retired Elders

Sloan Bell
Jim Beers
Ronnie Davidson
Stanley McDowell
Philip McElroy
Graham McGeown
Albert Patterson


Church Secretary
Ivor Spence
Church Treasure
Flo Adair
All Elders are ex officio members of the Congregational Committee
Flo Adair (Treasurer)
Chris Clotworthy
Gordon Devenney (Premises Convenor)
Trish Eaton
Randal Gilbert (Personnel Convenor)
Caroline Hart
Eileen McGeown
Chris Morris
Mark Patterson
Sheena Trinder